“I am a tax professional and am under tons of stress the first few months of the year. I faithfully see Ron at least every 3 weeks to keep my stress level under control. Thank you, Ron!”

—Shannon S.


“Ron is known to our family as the 'magic man'. He not only found and fixed a neck injury from three years ago I didn't realize still hurt, he saw my daughter just after a swim injury (overtraining) and helped her too. With one short session, she was able to compete in a swim meet we did not think she would be ready for. I have been to several massage therapists over the years. Ron is by far the best when it comes to recovering from sports and injuries.”

—Keith K.

“Thank you for your help this year. Your therapy was very instrumental in getting me thru this very tough year.”

—Donna W.

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me feel better by massaging out the various stressful projects from my neck, shoulders and back. It’s amazing what a minimal weekly treatment can do.”

—Samantha M.

“Ron, you do miracles!”

—Mary W.

“I wanted to thank you for all of your time and therapy. My headaches have been rough and I am so thankful that you are willing to help me.”

—Amy T.

“ Thank you for all the special care that you give to me.”

—David H.

“If you are pregnant, I would highly recommend making an appointment with Ron Tuck Therapeutic Massage. It really helped my body to relax and gave me peace of mind. I try to make an appointment every month to reduce my stress level. It’s an amazing release of negative energy each session.”


“For me, even a ten minute neck massage by Ron makes a difference! When I return to my desk or get into my car I can feel the difference.”


“I really appreciate Ron’s help in getting the ’kinks’ out in my neck and back. I have had trouble in the past with headaches that Im sure are related to my neck stiffness and since seeing Ron these have greatly decreased in frequency.”

—Lisa S.

“One wouldn’t think a 15 minute back and neck massage would make a difference but it does. I feel calmer, more relaxed and go home unstressed. It is his gift to us we appreciate it immensely! We are all massage therapy advocates.”

—Jessica C.

“Therapeutic Massage relieves my muscle tension after a long, hard day, especially after riding in those small cars.”


“Therapeutic massage is a wonderful, healing art. Helpful to body, mind and spiritjust a few minutes is amazingly restorative. Thank you Ron, for this wonderful skill you share.”

—Marsha K.

“Great work. Thanks! It’s wonderful!”


“Thanks Ron for all you do for me. After sitting at a desk for 21 years, I dont know if I could continue without your visits.”

—Pat H.

“Ron has been very helpful to staff at North Country Home Care Hospice. He has been visiting us twice a month for the past several years and offers us chair massages and quieting music. We appreciate his time and positive manner. Thank you, Ron.”

—Kay U.

“Thank you Ron for ’getting the kinks out.’ My muscles and joints feel much better.”


“Ron’s massages have been a lifesaver! I am a tax professional and am under tons of stress the first few months of the year and I faithfully see Ron at least every 3 weeks to keep my stress level under control. Thank you, Ron!”

—Shannon S.

“I consider Ron to be a very important part of my health care team. If I have a complaint Ron always knows exactly what to do to take care of me. My life and health have certainly been improved by his care.”


Therapeutic Massage Success Story

“When I first started massage therapy, I must admit, I was skeptical about just how massage could be any different than other treatments I have received over the last 20 years. In 1985 I was diagnosed with Primary Fibromyalgia. I had tried physical therapy with hot and cold treatments which helped for a few hours but never more than that. I tried a couple of different gadgets which helped but never gave me relief from by symptoms. I started with your chair massage therapy and found better relief. The start of the table massage left me sore and painful. But, by the second appointment, I noticed that my pain in my muscles was improving. Never did I expect that in the course of the next 2 months would I discover that I could lie down and not feel pain in my own bed!”

“Not only did you help my chronic muscle pain and stiffness related to the Fibromyalgia, but you even improved the amount of migraines and stress headaches. I was having headaches on a daily basis; I couldn’t ever remember a full day without one. Having numerous concussions I hadn’t realized the stress these had placed on the muscles of my head and neck. To my amazement, my headaches have improved tremendously! I now average one to two headaches a week now. I have even had a couple of weeks without any. Thank you!”

“Of course, you have also given me more flexibility in my shoulder which I hurt several years ago; which also improved my pain while doing chores such as moving hay bales, shoveling, carrying heavy buckets and even just leading horses.”

“I am convinced that massage therapy has made a huge difference in the quality of my life, the ability to perform my job, and even the simplest chores on the farm. I never dreamed when I started massage therapy that I would be almost headache fee, that a good nights sleep can happen or that I can hold my grandchildren without pain in my shoulder. I am taking less migraine medicine, less pain reliever, my stomach feel much better without all that, and to be able to find relief without medicine is wonderful not to mention cheaper! I can’t believe the difference this has made. My only regret is no having started sooner. Who know what I could have accomplished feeling so much better years ago! Thank you!”

—Pat O.



Massage therapy can relieve neck and shoulder pain caused by:

  • Sitting at the desk working on a computer
  • Working on an assembly line
  • Repairing autos
  • Cutting and styling hair
  • Cleaning