“I really appreciate Rons help in getting the 'kinks' out in my neck and back. I have had trouble in the past with headaches. Seeing Ron has greatly decreased the frequency of these pains.”

—Lisa S.

MASSAGE AND Snowmobiling  

Do you enjoy riding the trails but wish you could skip the back pain and muscle soreness that sometimes lingers for days or even weeks? Orthopedic massage eases the pain and allows your body to recover from old or new injuries so that you can enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle.

Injuries from crashes

If you crash your snowmobile, you should get checked out by a doctor. If a doctor says the injury is only muscle or soft tissue damage, massage may be an excellent way to recover faster and more completely from your injury than just waiting for it heal on it's own.



When your ability to do ordinary tasks, such as getting in and out of your car, going up and down stairs, or brushing your hair, causes pain.