“I really appreciate Rons help in getting the 'kinks' out in my neck and back. I have had trouble in the past with headaches. Seeing Ron has greatly decreased the frequency of these pains.”

—Lisa S.


Are you a weekend warrior? Do you enjoy playing intramural sports or community leagues? Have you ever wondered the next day why you put your body through that torture? Massage can ease pain and allow your body to recover from old or new injuries so that you can enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle. Learn how massage can specifically help those that enjoy the following sports:

Massage helps with common soft-tissue injuries such as:

  • Knee and ankle pain from fast switches on the basketball court
  • Shoulder pain from bringing monster cross-court heat in volleyball matches
  • Tennis elbow and pulled leg muscles from racquetball
  • Neck and shoulder or low back and hip pain from an aggressive snowshoe workout
  • Muscle soreness from pushing it hard at the gym on a treadmill, stationary bike, or StairMaster
  • Low back pain from snow shoveling or cutting firewood
  • Body aches from slipping on ice (even if you catch yourself, there's a good chance that a muscle injury occurred and other parts of your body will try to compensate for that injury)


Massage therapy can relieve neck and shoulder pain caused from an aggressive snowshoe workout or holding an aerodynamic position when cycling.